For us, Thalmann Maschinenbau AG, the term SWISS MADE is more than just a SEAL OF ORIGIN. A Swiss product is also a PROMISE OF QUALITY – for our CUSTOMERS and for our SELF-IMAGE. Each Thalmann machine contains a wealth of EXPERIENCE, sound ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION and great COMMITMENT. Since1960 we have been developing and producing the highest quality LONG FOLDERS which count among the best in the world. To achieve this, many cogs need to interact – similar to the mechanism of a Swiss clock. Each individually assembled part must fulfil its task reliably. This is why we place the utmost importance on INDIVIDUAL QUALITY. Moreover, the true VALUE of a long folder can only be seen when it starts folding: with speed, precision and reliability. Our aim to improve day by day and consistently develop INNOVATIVE STRENGTH, which generates COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES for our CUSTOMERS, shall remain our MOTIVATION in the future and continue to govern our company’s aspirations.


One of the highlights is the worldwide unique control shaft technology developed by Thalmann. It guarantees maximum precision. Its kinetic drive concept, which ensures a synchronous distribution of force on the machine and which is comparable to the mechanical control used in the aircraft construction industry, was already included in the first Thalmann machine back in 1960. The power of all of the machine stands is distributed evenly to all the moving axes through a solid steel shaft and thus ensures unrivalled angle precision and parallelism of the folded parts along the entire length of the machine.


Through the simultaneous movement of several machine axes, this innovative technology increases production speed considerably while maintaining folding accuracy. The DFT reduces travel time and downtime to a minimum and thus allows an extremely smooth and highly dynamic folding process. This greatly increases productivity which extends the machine capacity substantially. The DFT system by Thalmann provides you and your customers with a significant and sustainable additional value.


This exclusive VFD design principle designed by Thalmann engineers and included in the TZ and TC models is in a league of its own. Whereas the machine stands in conventional long folders work like oversized pliers as they clamp the metal sheet, the stands in these models are formed in the shape of “rigid C-frames”. Combined with the vertically arranged clamping beam mounted on the top part of the C-frame, this unique concept creates a huge pressing and clamping force - and the mechanical zero-point locking system eliminates the risk of an overload which would result in subsequent fissures. The VFD guarantees reliable clamping of the sheet-metal parts and is thus crucial for the evenly applied pressure on open or closed hems.


One of Thalmann’s outstanding innovations is the dynamic, fully-automatic upper-beam crowning system. It compensates and eliminates the effect of overbent of the profile ends. Instead of the manual or mechanical hydraulic adjustment system used thus far, Thalmann adapts silent and efficient servomotors on each of the stands for the infinitely-variable regulation of the upper beam. If crowning adjustment is needed in order to achieve an even folding angle regardless of the profile length, material type and sheet-metal thickness, targeted corrections can then be executed at each individual machine stand via an input window on the controller.


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