At THALMANN we pride ourselves that we have a motivated and stable workforce. We offer exiting challenges for individuals that want to reach their full potential. We are proud of having a very well organized group of team players. THALMANN values employees that strive for high standards, are proud to deliver results, are flexible and want to improve themselves and the company continuously.

Job vacancies

THALMANN is a great environment to work in and is always interested to meet positive well skilled assemblers, engineers, welders and CNC machine operators or other staff. Our culture is based on working hard, taking initiatives to improve, work as a team player and deliver high quality work in order to satisfy customers.

If you are you interested, you are always welcome to send your CV and application to:


THALMANN Maschinenbau AG offers apprenticeships for :


Apprentices work in production and are integral part of the supply chain process, work on the processing of metal components, assembly of machine parts and are often part of new product developments.

If you are you interested, you are always welcome to send your application to:

Thalmann Adler Bildmarke