The Base

THALMANN has in cooperation with Cidan Machinery, Forstner and NuiT developed a fully automated bending operation that combines the slitting, cutting and folding operations in one fully integrated unit: THE BASE. The flexible unit does not require any manual labour other than to feed the slitter with sheet metal coils and collect the folded parts for dispatch.

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The NuiT software ( ensures that customers or planners can order folded parts via the internet. Parts ordered via internet will be produced instantly without any interference of manual labour or administrative activity.

With THE BASE, roofers working on a construction side can

  • 1. draw a part on a computer;
  • 2. see if it is possible to fold on the Base;
  • 3. see the price;
  • 4. see when the part can be delivered;
  • 5. order the part;
  • 6. receive the confirmation and invoice; and
  • 7. receive the part at the construction site.

You are invited to see THE BASE in full operation at the company METAFLEX, Cernystraße 3, 3105 St. Pölten, Austria. Contact: Gerhard Resch, Managing director,
Phone: +43 2742 – 27 408
or visit the website


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