Automation, digitalization and Industry 4.0 standards are forward-looking tasks that pose major challenges for sheet metal processing companies, at the same time offering numerous opportunities.

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With the modularly integrable automation solutions developed by Thalmann, customers are optimally prepared for these challenges: 1. the complex manufacturing process is significantly simplified and production efficiency is sustainably increased. 2. valuable time and costs can be saved, in particular personnel costs, as the entire system can be operated by just one employee instead of two or more.

Thalmann offers you three independent automation solutions that optionally turn your manually operated long folding machine into a fully automated machine: the automatic (lateral) sheet metal loading unit, the automatic sheet metal flipping unit and the automatic sheet metal unloading unit.

Determine the degree of automation yourself. We offer customers solutions that can be adapted to your individual needs and retrofitted to newer generation machines.

For variable integration into existing production lines and ERP systems, all Thalmann machines are equipped with open interfaces for all common software connections (e.g. nuIT, Bendex and Sema) and CAD data formats.



Fully automatic production of 4 narrow sheet metal profiles
Fully automatic production of 2 long sheet metal profiles
Fully automatic production of 3 wide sheet metal profiles
Fully automatic production of 4 very wide sheet metal profiles
Stowing the automatic sheet metal unloading unit
Automatic profile production without the unloading unit

Integrated solutions

Side loading device

Significantly shorter working hours directly at the machine and high efficiency gains can be achieved thanks to the automatic lateral sheet metal feed unit.

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The manufacturing process is accelerated, operator safety is improved and additional capacities are unlocked. Depending on the requirements, the sheets are automatically drawn into the side of the machine in a single or multiple feed, from stack or directly from an upstream de-coiling system.

The loading table is mobile, available in various lengths and also height adjustable. In automatic mode, the optimum height for sheet metal pick-up is set automatically.

In combination with the integrated flipping device Thalmann offers a fully automated solution for the folding operation. Operator activity is limited to loading a stack of sheets in a feeder and discharge bended parts from the machine.

Flipping device

The automatic sheet metal flipping unit ensures a high reduction in sheet metal parts handling and a leaner folding process. After the flipping process, the sheets are placed exactly at the gripper units for the next fold.

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Customers also benefit from a simplified manufacturing processes, higher safety for operators, lower personnel deployment and reduced manufacturing costs.

In combination with the lateral sheet metal feeder, customers get an almost fully automatic solution for sheet metal profile production. The machine operators only loads the lateral sheet metal feed and then remove the finished profiles from the machine.

Sheet-Unloading Unit

Efficiency gains and a high degree of flexibility are made possible by the automatic sheet metal unloading unit. After folding, the finished sheet metal profiles are automatically picked up from the machine, conveyed to the folded parts buffer and made available for easy removal.

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If necessary, the complete sheet metal unloading unit can be folded away and stored easily under the folded parts buffer. The subsequently released space in front of the folding machine is in this configuration free for manual operation.

The entire system can be operated by a single employee: operator time at the machine is reduced, the risk of injury is minimized, the final folded parts are protected against damage and overall production costs are reduced.

With the integrated side-loading and integrated flipping units we make the sheet metal folding process fully automated.

The Base

THALMANN has in cooperation with Cidan Machinery, Forstner and NuiT developed a fully automated bending operation that combines the slitting, cutting and folding operations in one fully integrated unit: THE BASE. The flexible unit does not require any manual labour other than to feed the slitter with sheet metal coils and collect the folded parts for dispatch.

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The NuiT software ( ensures that customers or planners can order folded parts via the internet. Parts ordered via internet will be produced instantly without any interference of manual labour or administrative activity.

With THE BASE, roofers working on a construction side can

  • 1. draw a part on a computer;
  • 2. see if it is possible to fold on the Base;
  • 3. see the price;
  • 4. see when the part can be delivered;
  • 5. order the part;
  • 6. receive the confirmation and invoice; and
  • 7. receive the part at the construction site.

You are invited to see THE BASE in full operation at the company METAFLEX, Cernystraße 3, 3105 St. Pölten, Austria. Contact: Gerhard Resch, Managing director,
Phone: +43 2742 – 27 408
or visit the website

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